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22 April 2019 (18:10) Fixed Gatekeeper and Oracle.
16 April 2019 (23:31) Updated Server and Client to ver. 1.2
16 April 2019 (23:30) by GOD 0lo - Welcome back!

Hello Tibians!

The server and client got a large update. (You need download Client again!)

Remasteria will be a typical Vanilla without additional content, only a few new features from the new Tibia are used (HP & Mana regeneration witch a new level, Loot message, AutoStack etc.) which improve the gameplay and do not spoil the feeling of the oldschool.

The MC is immediately embedded in the client and is allowed to. Only what is prohibited is the use of the bot, these accounts will be banished without the possibility of unbaning them.

We start on April 19 at 17:00.

See you in game!